.Old News.

The association "Teknikkens Univers Danmark" is now ready to take off.

The rules of the association have now been approved in advance by Skat (the taxation authorities) in the way that the formalities are all right, as soon as five persons have been elected for the board together with two alternates. And of course, there has to be a membership fee, which should be affordable, so that everyone can participate.

In excess to the presentation of the project, the meeting in Maribo should be a dialogue about possibilities, and the founding general assembly should also contribute to starting the creative process, which will result in a project, which physically as well as mentally will be a lighthouse for Lolland and Falster.

If you would like to run for the board, please write some words about yourself to Carsten Andersen, who is initiator of the meeting, the association and chairman of the local vintage car club, Lolland-Falsters Veteran Klub. <a href=&rdquo;mailto:carsten@teknikkens-univers.dk&rdquo;><br>> Mail to Carsten here!</a>

The new association is for all who do not want that Lolland and Falster shall be waiting for help from outside and waiting for the bridge to Femern solving all our problems.

REMEMBER - that even though there is a famous slogan from Barack Obama, it also applies for us:

The association has now an account number in Lollands Bank:  IBAN: DK5465200004144006; SWIFT: LOBADK21

7th Dezember 2010: A competion was held - "Idea-Factor" - at the famous manor house hotel Sörup Herregaard. The judges were professor Vincent Hendricks, writer Tania Ellis and the famous businessman  Mads Övlisen (known from Novo Nordisk). The prize was 100.000 DKK. Regrettably we didn't win the prize, but we made a good networking getting valueable contacts.

This Page will be updated, so follow it, if you want to know what is going on!!!