.Follow the Development .

We continue our struggle for the realization of the project.

Since the last general assembly in April 2012, we have had a lot of meetings and activities related to the project and participated at a lot of meetings, some of which will be mentioned below, however not as a list, as it appears on the Danish web site.

The biggest part of the grant for DKK 400,000 which we got from the municipality of Lolland in 2011 has been spent, e.g. on assistance from architects, project developers and fundraisers, i.e. Christian Bay Jørgensen from Bayarch, Mads Thimmer from InnovationLab and Dea Cordt Kragh from Cordt Consult.

The title of the projct is now officially: MOVE! - The future of transportation. Focus is now on demonstrating the new ways of bringing people forward in the future, showing vehicles as well as demonstrating fuels.

Shortly after last general assembly, we met with local persons and associations of interest to the project. e.g. the land owner where the project will be situated, Christoffer Knuth, the association for local enterprises - Business LF - and local authorities.

We have become a so called climate partner of DONG Energy and therefore, we have taken part in some of their events. E.g. when Wubbo Okkels, a Dutch astronaut, spoke about the perspectives of solar energy; except from giving an impression of how it was like to be out in space, looking in at our blue planet. At these events, different companies have also informed of how to achieve different energy saving goals etc.

Further, we have met with the locally elected members of the Danish parliament, talking about how they might be able to help bringing the project forward in different forums.

An interesting input to the project came when it was suggested to make a restaurant in connection with MOVE! which should serve locally produced food. Therefore, we met with Susanne Hovmand Simonsen, the owner of Knuthenlund - an organic farm which has specialized in breeding goats and sheep; which is by the way one of the biggest in Denmark. She was very interested in further developing the idea.

We also work on establishing contacts across the Fehmarnbelt and have therefore participated in some meetings and events with existing tourist attractions as well as other project makers, planning new attractions on the island of Fehmarn.

Finally, we are working on producing a presentation movie which will naturally be made available from this site as soon as it is finished.