.The association.

The association was founded on Thursday, 16th August 2010 at 19.00 in the Maribohallerne.

We got five very competent and committed people in the the committee. It was Carsten Andersen from Nakskov, Morten Poulsen and Niels Nielsen from Holeby, Michael Haas from Nyköbing Falster and Aage Alm from Sortsö near Stubbeköbing. We also got two alternates: Jakob Andersen from Nakskov and Finn Karlson from Maribo.

The name of the association remained: "Teknikkens Univers Danmark"

According to the rules, the purpose turned into the following text:: The purpose of the association "Teknikkens Univers Danmark"' is to collect money to buy, rent or lease vehicles and other exhibition effects for a Technical Universe at Lolland or Falster.

The idea is that Teknikkens Univers Danmark will create new jobs and make sure that new tourists come to this part of Denmark; further, to make the population proud of living here and give back the belief that Lolland-Falster is a very good place to live.

The purpose may need a small adjustment, since it is now obvious that the association will have to push the project forward making some surveys and applications to rise the beautiful building from the surface of Lolland. >The rules of the association (In Danish)

The commitee is convinced that it will be possible, together with specialists in this field, to find the best way to fulfill the purpose written in the rules.

It is a lawful condition that the association before 1st October 2010 has 300 members and an original capital of DKK 150,000 so that we can get contributions from every part of the country, and thus people, apart from the first DKK 500,-  will get a tax deduction for the contribution. The capital should quickly get much higher – and it is clear, that in the beginning the inhabitants on the two islands have to show, that when we unite, we can do it – or as Barack Obama said:


The association has already received a CVR (Comany registration) number (32989934) and the account number at the Lollands Bank is as follows: IBAN: DK5465200004144006; SWIFT: LOBADK21

2011 Morten Poulsen retired from the association. He was replaced by achitect Kurt Nörregaard, Nr. Alslev.

For the board, the following were elected:
President Carsten Andersen, Nakskov.
Vice-president Morten Poulsen, Holeby.
Vice-president since 2011 Kurt Nörregaard, Nr. Alslev.
Treasurer Niels Nielsen, Holeby.
Secretary Aage Alm, Sortsö
Committee member Michae Haas, Nyköbing F.

1st alternate Jakob Andersen, Nakskov
2nd alternate Bjarne Jensen, Nakskov.

Anne Svendsen, Nysted.